EndoGab No More.

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Welcome to PeachTalk! So, why the name change? EndoGab, while always being focused on a myriad of pelvic and vaginal conditions resulting in pain, and impediments on sex lives and relationships, pretty much solely reflects endometriosis in its title. It was a great place to start, but I felt it was time to create a fresh face that feels more inclusive of the variety of women’s health conditions I discuss. I chose the name PeachTalk because, to be blunt, I wanted something symbolic of the vulva & vagina. I hope that any readers who do not ascribe to the typical depictions of femininity, or who may be transgender will understand my attempt to find a name that screams women’s health in a bit of a cheeky way. I do not want to exclude anyone who suffers with these conditions, but truly wanted to have a name that reflects the body parts that these conditions affect (have I dug myself a hole? Hopefully I explained this better than I’m thinking!)

I recently came across this article on twitter about the importance of recognizing, and raising awareness for the MULTITUDE of painful women’s health conditions that there are out there, and it REALLY resonated with me (you didn’t think endometriosis was the only one, did you? 😉 ). I know I’ve gushed about this before, but it’s something that I feel very strongly about, and I hope you do too! Having more than one of these painful conditions myself, I am often frustrated by the lack of awareness for women’s health conditions on the whole. I understand the need to perhaps focus solely on one in order to give it a concentrated effort, but I believe it IS possible to increase awareness for all of these conditions. To quote the article, “…doctors say other, equally debilitating, causes of persistent pelvic pain like adenomyosis are still being neglected.” Furthermore, “”We’re at this crossroads where it’s good to understand more about endometriosis, and have the public and have GPs knowing what to do with endometriosis, but we need for the education to extend beyond that.””  **Side Note** some clarification before you read the article. A more accurate definition of Adenomyosis is that it is when the endometrium breaks through the myometrium of the uterus. Read the article HERE.

I feel that endometriosis is often perceived as being the be all and end all of painful women’s health condition’s and this simply isn’t true. Having multiple of these conditions myself that tend to coincide, I can tell you that these conditions can be equally painful and debilitating on their own, let alone when you have them present together. Slight side tangent, but one particular thing that really makes me peeved is that endometriosis is still talked about as if it has anything to do with the uterus when it really doesn’t! Bear with me…

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By definition endometriosis is tissue that is outside of the uterus and is NOT even uterine tissue at all. It is able to be removed by skilled excision “cutting” and while it is a truly devastating disease lets not let it overshadow the fact that adenomyosis IS a uterine condition where the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) infiltrates the myometrium (muscle wall of the uterus) and can only be cured by a hysterectomy. These conditions both require extensive surgeries and one should not overshadow the other. Yes, yes, endometriosis can and often does flare during the menstrual cycle, but let’s be real and start distinguishing that endometriosis is NOT uterine tissue and does not come from the uterus READ HERE. Furthermore, conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginismus, vestibulodynia, clitorodynia, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvar cancer, uterine cancer, interstitial cystitis etc. all DESERVE to not be overshadowed. They are ALL painful and debilitating! I believe it is possible to raise awareness for all of these conditions and give them their due diligence if we truly have a revolution in women’s health. Please make sure you’re not someone who overshadows and dismisses these conditions in favor of one.

If you didn’t read the article, please make sure that you do so that you don’t get the impression I’m just railing on people getting endometriosis wrong. The bigger picture is not letting one condition outshine the others, especially when it leads to misdiagnosis and prolonged suffering. Funny since endometriosis is often a very delayed diagnosis, but people may not realize that it’s also thrown around as a diagnosis incorrectly. So, if you haven’t read this eloquent article, please read it  HERE.

I hope you’ll all enjoy PeachTalk and allow me to continue dishing it out and giving the nitty gritty on sex, relationships, and pelvic/vaginal pain. XO



Didn’t think I forgot my myth bust did you? Here’s a classic.

Myth: Cranberries can help clear up/prevent a UTI.

Fact: Not so fast! There is no clear evidence that cranberries can clear up/prevent a UTI. Basically, while cranberries do have a component that can “prevent adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall, particularly E. coli” it is not present in a high enough concentration to actually be effective. To top it off if you have interstitial cystitis cranberries are usually a bladder irritant! So, if you want to keep indulging in this myth it won’t harm you, unless of course you have IC then I would use caution! https://health.clevelandclinic.org/can-cranberry-juice-stop-uti/




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